Take a Hike!

There are so many great places to get out into nature around here. One of the easiest ways to do that is to take a hike on one of the great trails nearby. We’ve compiled a list of a few places to start you off:

For those who like their hiking on more flat terrain, there is Big Valley. Located between Mazama and Winthrop, this 5-mile trail gives you some lovely views of the surrounding mountains without making you feel like you’re trying to climb them as you go! It is a great trail for the whole family, taking you through a variety of surroundings—a pine forest, open fields, and the Methow River.

Another trail that is reasonably flat is Cutthroat Lake. It is a 4-mile trail that brings you past a beautiful lake and some lovely rocky mountains. One of the best times to take this trail is in the fall, when the trees start to turn a lovely golden hue. If you want to challenge yourself a little more, there is a fork in the path that will take you up to Cutthroat Pass from there.

If you’re along the Highway 20 corridor and want to experience a gorgeous mountain lake, a hike to Blue Lake is a perfect way to spend your day. It’s not too far, only about 2.2 miles each way.The views are spectacular so don’t forget to bring a camera! The spring is especially lovely here with all the wildflowers providing a colorful foreground to the granite mountains.

On the other hand, if you’d rather see your water moving, try Cedar Falls/Cedar Creek. Close to Mazama, this round-trip hike of only 3.5 miles will bring you through a lush cedar forest to some majestic tiered waterfalls. Once the snow starts to melt, this trail gets even more beautiful, as the waterfalls are at their strongest.

Maple Pass Trail is one of the longer trails we’ll mention here, about 6.7 miles long, and will be well worth it for the more athletic or the seasoned hikeramong you. You can take an additional loop to pass through two beautiful lakes, Lake Ann and Rainy Lake. This trail is often busy but it is so worth your time. The views are absolutely incredible. If you start going clockwise, you’ll do the harder and more inclined portion of the trail first. Just be careful if it has recently rained or snowed in the area because the trail can get wet—and the snow can hang around until late July!

Then there is Goat Peak. If you are looking for a birds-eye view of this beautiful valley, this is the trail for you. Goat Peak is over 7,000’ tall. While that sounds intimidating, know that you can drive a significant portion of the way–you’re only hiking about two miles each way. It is worth it to go up there at least once—and again, bring a camera, because the views are incredible!

There are so many hiking trails around here that it is impossible to mention them all. Don’t just take our word for how beautiful they are, though, come on over and see for yourself!