Staying Hydrated Safely While Hiking

Majestic snow-covered mountain peaks soaring to the blue sky above: a picture of nature’s grandeur. Distant fields populated with wild flowers in spring and summer. These kind of sights lure tourists to the North Cascades in droves. We welcome everyone to explore our neighborhood and spread the word. We are known for dramatic scenery and challenging mountaineering, so come join us for a summer hike right now. See the ridges formed by ancient glaciers, the alpine meadows, and the u-shaped valleys. Don’t forget your cameras. The vistas are beyond the scale of the mundane cell phone. If you want a winter experience, there are guides willing to help you survive this colder time of year.

Everyone out on the trails will tell you that you need constant hydration so bring plenty of water; we don’t like to share. Just kidding. We don’t mind since there is so much available. In your lodge, you can fill your steel reusable bottles designed for outdoorsmen and woman. The water here is crisp and clean as we use filters to exclude any metallic or chemical taste. It will seem as if you are drinking melted snow. We are frugal folks and save on expensive cases of Evian with our practical approach to matters. The environmentalists are quick to say that they hate the waste and the nasty plastic empties that are dumped in the landfills. We all agree that filtered water is the best way to go from every perspective, and the benefits (listed here) are many. Most of our tourists leave us with the same opinion.

We discovered water filtering decades ago when a fellow came from Seattle to sell us a new system he had developed and was marketing. He offered us a demonstration and installed a unit in one of our inns in the base camp. We were convinced in no time. He assured us that the quality of our water was already good, but this would make it even better. He was right. We were converted fast. He explained that it wasn’t expensive, needed no additives, was safe, and maintenance free. In this world in which we all want good health, this is the place to start, he said. We all wanted to jump on board. We probably ordered ten units that very day and he promptly gave us a group discount. This is the secret behind the North Cascades base camp pure water campaign. We tout our pollution free purity to the world. Frankly, I don’t think that tourists come for the water like they do in Lourdes, France; but I know deep in my heart that it has helped. The visitors keep coming and always ask to fill their reusable bottles. They must have heard something in the wind.

The moral of the story is to take water along with you while hiking, whatever the season. Its fresh taste will wake you up and help keep you going.