Staying Active

I talk a lot about winter in the North Cascades because it is so beautiful. Living here is indeed a privilege. You can join us anytime.  The air has a chill and the sky is crystalline unless it is about to snow. When the white flakes fall and decorate the trees and bushes, it is a veritable fairyland. On the other hand, a summer vacation here has its own joys. It is easier to bike, hike, and meander about town and meet new people in a local coffee shop. Most people these days insist on a good fitness center and we do have a few. However, outdoor recreation is our style when it comes to fitness. It is important to stay healthy and in shape and a large part of this goal is to eat well. Our cuisine is therefore organic and homegrown. People like the simplicity of the ingredients and the purity of the fare on our menus.

Because we get so many families, we have put in a selection of the best rebounder trampolines in our campsites and adjacent to our homey lodgings. We got the idea from a boy who said he has a trampoline at home and wouldn’t think of not doing it while on vacation. He was a rambunctious lad and I could see that he needed to regularly burn off excess energy. His parents were thrilled that we had many devices from which to choose. They are public and not off limits to anyone. When you get what you want on vacation in the way of fun and food, not to mention scenic beauty, you will come back again.

I love to watch the kids bounce and rebound. They seem to go on endlessly unless hunger calls them to lunch or dinner. Jumping helps to build up a good appetite, already compounded by our pollution-free air. They can punctuate their days with arts and crafts, watching video games, and riding the rental bikes, but the trampoline has a special part in their programs. I have even been tempted to give it a try myself. As you may know from your own experience, it is easy to learn and fairly safe to practice. Get yourself a spotter at first who will have your back in case you jump too high. If you are off balance, he or she will just shove you back on.

I have learned from the kids and their parents that there are all sorts of great tricks that anyone can do from a somersault, flip, seat landing, half or full twist to a knee tuck or a double jump with a friend or sibling. Parents are often seen side by side with their offspring enjoying a good bounce. It is as exhilarating as it can get in the fresh mountain air. We have started to add photos of trampoline tumbling to our vacation literature. It stands among a variety of shots of the distant mountains and flower-bedecked fields. Aah. Come visit the North Cascades soon!