Rental Accommodations

Visitors to the North Cascades like their amenities. Who doesn’t? People don’t expect luxury as in a city vacation, but they like clean and simple. The lodging is usually accommodating but sometimes you have to know what type you are renting since there are several—from hotels, inns, to rustic log cabins. Others prefer to camp out. If you are going to stay inside (highly recommended when it starts to get cold), you might want to ask what to bring so you are prepared. The proprietor might say you should bring pots and pans for cooking, your own linens and towels, or if you have to clean the place before you check out – including whether you should vacuum yourself. It depends on the type of rental and some are more basic than others. Maid service is not always available.

This is not to say that you must bring a cumbersome vacuum with you as they probably have at least a canister type on hand. Many have an upright which is suitable for more extensive cleaning. If given a choice, I would ask for a canister vs upright vacuum as it has easier maneuverability in a small space. An upright may have more power if there are carpets. People bring kids and pets so there are spills and messes. I am not surprised that sometimes you are asked to tidy up. Of course, you are not expected to launder or change the sheets or clean the bathroom.

I am talking about budget accommodations here and they do save you some money if you are willing to go with the flow when you leave and adhere to the rules. When you go to the wilderness, part of the charm is roughing it a bit. Remember, it is worth it given the gorgeous views and vast recreational facilities. No one goes home unhappy. They have been breathing crisp, clean fresh air and have been outdoors hiking, touring, or biking. It is like a scenic health retreat—and more.

This blog is meant to tout the natural beauty of the North Cascades and encourage more visitors each year. Those who visit come back again and again. Don’t let a quick run of the vacuum deter you. It takes minutes. I am told that if you are unable to operate the machine, you can ask for help. There is a solution to every problem here.

When in our territory, ask about the hiking trails as there are many different routes—all exposing extraordinary vistas. Also inquire about our local eateries and you will enjoy some mighty fine home-cooked food. We have some casual bars and entertainment venues for those who enjoy a night life, even after a hard day of trekking about. If you need companionship, folks here are friendly and will share stories over drinks any time. The residents go out of their way to make people feel at home.