Outdoor Oasis

I have said many times in this blog how beautiful the area around the North Cascades is and what a perfect environment for a vacation or extended stay. I have been beckoning you for a while now. Check out the photos online and you will be astounded by the clear blue sky and majestic snow-capped mountains. It is a true oasis from urban decay with all the unpleasant sights and sounds. You can refresh your soul by simply inhaling the crisp, clean air here—all year round. The temperature is perfect for a variety of summer or winter sports. We specialize in greeting visitors with great friendliness and warmth. Our lodgings are quaint and cozy. You will never regret your time with us.

People think of the area as a winter haven and they would not be wrong. However, we have a lot to offer in the spring through fall. Anytime you come, you will want to spend time outside. Right now, I am sitting in a comfortable outdoor space with an amazing view all around. I just added an outdoor ceiling fan to give me a bit of a breeze as I relax on an unseasonal warm day. I am ready for anything. In the winter, if I want to gaze to the heavens, I have a space heater. My patio works summer, fall, winter, and spring. I am not going to miss an opportunity to enjoy the region and all the wonders it has to offer. You can create a similar oasis all your own anywhere you live. I had researched ceiling fans on the Internet before choosing an attractive compliment to my outside décor, such as it is. I found this great web site that helped me choose: https://www.ceilingfanchoice.com/best-outdoor-ceiling-fan/. It is an industrial fan with metal blades, so it can handle any weather situation. Snow can blow on it with no ill effects. I don’t have to take it down in the winter as that would be a chore. I do have a canvas tarp if I want to be extra attentive. The same goes for the heater in the spring and summer. I like the easy life so no constant installations for me.

With the fan whirring above, I can read, write, listen to music, talk on my cell phone or text anytime. It creates a kind of white noise that is pleasant and unobtrusive. Overall, it is quiet with only a hint of a motor in function. The technology is amazing these days with remote controls and five rotating speeds. You can add a center light fixture for ambiance. I like candles on a dark night as well. My patio is perfect for entertaining family and friends. Guests from the neighboring lodge look over and watch me lazing about. I often wave and make a sign to “come join me.” Sometimes they do. I remember one time when a sweaty hiker came by to cool off under the fan. I immediately turned it on high. Such is our local hospitality!