Camping Accessories for Grown Ups

Hi friends of the beautiful, scenic, and invigorating North Cascades. Today it is all about camping because it is still the season and there is plenty of good weather ahead to encourage us to stay outdoors. Camping happens to be my favorite pastime with the kids, friends, or colleagues. It is different with every group. Young ones like to stay active and love a stream for mock fishing or easy trails to hike. They are content to listen to music, hear stories by the campfire, and eat burgers and s’mores. Adults want a mini kegerator (see here) nearby so they can grab another cold brew.  It is my latest accoutrement and replaces the ice-filled cooler. It stays at the appropriate temperature because it is battery powered. What a great camping accessory. It beats the outdoor lights I bought last year or the portable generator that keeps our laptops going.

Other camping gear are the old-fashioned gadgets like fire starters, canteens for water when out and about, a handy Swiss army knife, and fireproof cooking implements. I still like an enamel coffee can placed right on the fire. Collapsible cups, easy wash eating utensils, handiwipes, etc. are seen at my campsite. In my knapsack is an umbrella, a foldup rain poncho, rubber shoe covers, protein bars, and sunglasses. Other people keep sunblock, gum, a visor, a disposable camera, or chapstick. It all depends how rugged you want to be. Most adults I know like every amenities possible as long as it fits in a backpack.

Camping is not a time to indulge yourself but rather to learn to deal with the elements. We often kid ourselves that it is about survival skills in the wilds. Not at our base camp. There is running water and outdoor bathroom facilities. This is why it is so popular. The vistas from the top of the trails is spectacular. Isn’t that what we come for? We also come for the exercise and fresh air. We need to get out of our lounge or office chairs from time to time. The rat race must stop and let us rest for a moment. I can’t think of a better place than the North Cascades.

My camping experiences are fairly relaxed and uneventful which is a positive. It means no problems, injuries, or missing people. No search parties are needed to rescue any of my family or friends. Besides, I know the area like the back of my hand. In fact, I am the one most often in an assembled search party. I am a good camper, know what to bring, and know how to make the most of the outdoor life. I recommend it highly for all you couch potatoes who have come to my blog for an escape.

Among the various summer and fall activities, camping is surely at the top. I like it when the air starts to become crisp and the sky is still clear. What suits you the most?