Business Retreats

Visitors are more than welcome to come to the North Cascades. Locals encourage you to explore the splendors of our area and they will be happy to be your guide. It is beautiful, scenic, and relaxing—the perfect place for a honeymoon, family vacation, or business retreat. Everyone leaves happy and smiling. Their cell phones are loaded with photos. Companies, in particular, find that it is the right environment for work-related bonding activities. If your coordinator needs help, we have professional staff on site. We can plan your entire outing for as many days as you like. The agenda will be thorough and varied and meet the retreat goals.

Most companies conducting a retreat want a few hours of indoor lectures and events plus ample time outside for hiking, jogging, playing softball, swimming, playing tennis, or learning archery and riflery. People can stay and chat or sit in the shade. Nights mean dinner by a campfire and sitting under the stars listening to local entertainment. Musicians and singers abound in our region. A retreat should truly live up to the name. You don’t want to do what you would back home. In the North Cascades, you are truly away.

If you are planning to book a retreat, be sure to get a local map and list of important venues. We can help your people understand what to bring and how to pack. It is very casual and warm in summer so a minimum of changes of clothes is all that is needed. Most things can fit into a roomy business backpack. It may be a business event, but it is more like a vacation. A good backpack for business travel like the ones from can later do double duty for camping and weekend outings. Some companies provide new ones with the corporate logo so everyone immediately has a sense of identity.

During the business day, it’s rise and shine and an early breakfast. At first the attendees may break down into small groups and participate in bonding exercises. They may be given a topic for discussion, a problem to solve, or a role play to enact. They may make lists or brainstorm ideas for corporate improvement. Focus groups can be conducted and time given to question and answer periods. It is all about giving employees attention and respect, and listening to their ideas, plus a chance to get away from it all. It is one complete package.

Meals as a team are a great time to socialize and recap the morning or afternoon program. We have the best chefs in the region featuring local ingredients and a comfortable place to dine with great views. We also provide transportation to town if they are given an afternoon off. Our area has much to offer and places to explore. Many people like to stay an extra day or two. They feel comfortable wandering on their own. They can take up horseback riding, watercolors (for perfect landscapes), or learn animal care.